This guide will break down the best way to rush A short on the counter-strike map inferno. It is important to know how to rush bombsites effectively because it can significantly increase your ability to win games. This strategy is useful in pretty much every type of round no matter your economy. The only thing that you need for this strategy is two smoke grenades.

Inferno A Rush

To run the strategy you want two players to buy a smoke. The whole team rushes up the second mid. The 2 players with smokes long (purple smoke) and moto (blue smoke). After the smokes have been thrown, rush up A short and clear pit and the A bombsite. You have two options regarding where to plant the bomb. In most cases, the optimal option is to plant it so that you can defend it from short, pit and apartments. The other option is to plant safely on the bombsite. If you have teammates that can protect you, you should always opt to plant in the open, if not planting in a safe position might be the better option.


Utility needed

  • 2 smoke grenades


CS:GO How to Rush A Short Inferno Effectively 1
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