In this guide, I will be teaching you how you can easily counter CT rushing on Mirage. By doing this default you will be able to counter your opponents, while at the same time making the round easier to win for you.

Before we begin it is important to know what a default is. A default is a strategy where your primary goal is to maintain map control. Normally a default is ran at the beginning of a round where the IGL of the team doesn’t have a specific strategy in mind.

How to Counter CT Rushing

The way this default is played is by having a player holding B apartment for push (yellow), one holding underground (green), one top mid (blue), one defensive in ramp (orange), and the last player inside palace.

Normally you want to hold these positions for 30-40 seconds, depending on whether or not you get any picks; if you get picks it is oftentimes a good idea to group up and commit to a bombsite together. If you get a couple of kills you can start playing more aggressively, since the opponents will be a player down in that area.


How to Counter CT Rushing on Mirage 1



In this quick video, the Youtuber Lunar goes over how you can stop rushes by using anti-rush utility. Interested in learning how you can execute more efficiently on Mirage? Check out our guide here. I recommend you check it out if you want to improve even faster!


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