Nuke has always been a map that my team and I have struggled with as a terrorist, because of the way that the map is build up. For that reason, I started researching strategies for our playbook.

After countless hours of testing, this is the strategy that has been my go-to strategy for our pistol rounds. Nuke is a map that can be very hard to win as a terrorist if you like to play a pick oriented playstyle because the counter-terrorist has such a big position advantage. This strategy is very explosive and will catch most opponents off guard because they don’t expect it. This tactic can be used on all kinds of rounds, though I personally prefer to run it on pistol rounds.


Nuke Pistol Rush

is pretty simple, you want to have a player buy a smoke, a grenade, and a flashbang. When the round starts you rush towards A bombsite, the player with utility grenades door throws a smoke grenade in A main and flashes out. Meanwhile, the 4 other players split up so that two players rush from the hut, and the last two rushes through the door. The player with utility rushes door to. After you have run this strategy a couple of times, you should be able to throw all the utility while running.

Utility needed

  • 1 smoke grenade
  • 1 flashbang
  • 1 grenade


Counter-Strike strategy board describing how to do a pistol round a rush on the map nuke
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