In this guide, I will be going over how you can play Dust 2 as a terrorist effectively. This Dust 2 default is a mid-heavy setup that is very effective to run on all types of rounds because it gives you a lot of map control, which you can use to take the preferred bombsite. This guide is only a guideline, switching up between an aggressive and passive version can help you outplay.

When running a default like this, you should play the round slowly and commit to the site where you get openings. If you don’t get any significant openings, you can always switch it into a standard bombsite execute.

The Setup

When running this setup you want one player outside long making sure that the opponents don’t try to flank your teammates. You want a player with a holding middle from T spawn or top mid. This player should have an AWP for this default to be most effective. You want to have two players tunnels. One holding upper tunnel, one holding lower towards the blue door. The last player should be in middle holding towards short.

How to play Dust 2 as a terrorist 1
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