When playing Counter-Strike having a good strategy to run on your pistol rounds will greatly increase your chance of winning. It is such a key round for building a lead. One of my personal favorite strategies for pistol rounds on Inferno is an apartment rush. Running this strategy on economy rounds can also be effective. This strategy is called inferno apartment waterfall by many streamers.

The strategy works by having a player buy two flashbangs. When the round starts you want all 5 players to rush into apartments and go long halls. When you arrive the player with the flashbangs throws his two flashbangs doing a chimney flash. The players rush out of the apartment and onto the bombsite and plants the bomb. If you want to go more in-depth with the strategy, you can have a player throw a smoke grenade on the cart outside the apartment.

How to do an Inferno Apartment Rush 1

a-chimney-flashbang1 (1)

a-cart-smoke1 (1)
a-cart-smoke2 (1)
a-cart-smoke3 (1)

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