With this Mirage strategy, you can turn the odds of winning your economy rounds from close to zero to a win with just a bit of luck. And the best part about it is, you most likely weren’t going to be doing anything special on your economy round anyways. Instead of throwing the round away, you can turn it around to a win.

The Strategy

The player with the most money buys a smoke and smokes top mid. When the smoke pops everybody runs into mid and throws their grenade into snipers nest. After throwing the grenade you rush up short towards B bombsite and plant the bomb.

If your opponents have a player playing aggressively in connector you can switch the strategy up and grenade into connector instead. If you run this strategy you should run through connector towards A bombsite instead.


Utility Needed

  • 1 smoke grenade
  • 5 grenades


counter strike mirage grenade window strategy to win economy rounds
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