In this article, I will be going over two different strategies that you can use to execute on the A bombsite of Mirage. Knowing how to do a bombsite execute is a very valuable skill when playing Counter-Strike because it is one of the best ways to win the round as a team.

If you are interested in learning the utility used in this guide, you should check out the workshop map Yprac. The map has a very cool game mode where it teaches you the different utility used on Mirage.


CS:GO Mirage A Execute 1

The first strategy I will be going over is pretty straight forward. It is very good to run on a full-buy round since it uses a lot of utility.

You want to have three players coming from ramp (green, orange & yellow), one from palace (purple) and the last player, the lurker, from underground (blue). Before the round starts you want to have the three ramp players and the lurker buy a smoke grenade and at least 1 ramp player buys a molotov. When the round starts the lurker smokes top mid (blue smoke) and slowly moves towards B. The primary purpose of this player is to make sure that no opponents push B apartment for information. When they are ready, the ramp players throw their smoke CT (yellow smoke), stairs (orange smoke), and under stairs (green smoke).

The player with the molotov cocktail throws it to the left of the under stairs smoke so the opponents can push the smoke. Then the team pushes out from ramp and palace and gain control of the bombsite and CT. Meanwhile, the lurker slowly walks towards A bombsite from underground killing the opponents rotating.


Utility needed

  • 3 – 4 smoke grenades
  • 1 molotov
  • As many flashbangs as possible


How to Execute on Mirage A Bombsite 1


CS:GO Mirage A Execute 2

This Mirage A bombsite execute is one of my favorite strategies to run on my pistol rounds. The utility thrown is very similar to the other strategy, but it does have some minor changes that make it a lot more viable to run on pistol rounds.

Before the round starts, two players buy a smoke grenade and two flashes each. When the round starts the two players with utility go towards ramp and line up smokes for stairs (blue) and under stairs (orange smoke). The three other players go palace. When the players in the palace are close to the entrance to A bombsite, the ramp players throw their smokes. When the smokes pop they flash over the ramp and the whole team rushes towards CT to get control.


Utility needed

  • 2 smoke grenades
  • 2 flashbangs


counter strike mirage a execute strategy utility board
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