In this guide, I will be going over the 5 best faceit alternatives. Once players hit a decent skill level many decide that they want to try to play with more experienced players. The best way to do that is by playing on third party pug websites like Faceit, ESEA, and Esportal. Another big reason why most people play on these websites is that they all have 128 tickrate servers, which makes the playing experience more smooth. Most of them also have their own anti-cheat which results in a lot fewer cheaters.

Check out our guide to each website’s ranking system here.

Faceit Alternatives


ESEA is the second biggest pugging website. ESEA has the best anti-cheat of all third-party websites, so if you hate cheaters then ESEA is worth it! One of the big reasons that a lot of players like to play on ESEA is because it rewards good players. So if you are capable of getting a lot of kills in your games, you will rise in the ranks faster. ESEA also features a league system where teams can compete for money and valor. Click here to check ESEA out.



Faceit is currently the most popular pugging website for a good reason. It features a good elo system where players quickly can get to a rank where they can play against opponents of similar skill level. Their anticheat is very good. I currently have over 1 thousand games played and I do not recall the last time I saw an obvious cheater. All their servers are 128 tickrate and very smooth. The matchmaking features a map banning system just like professional play. Click here to check out Faceit



Esportal is a new pugging website primarily targeted at players from Europe. It has a good ranking system and their own anti-cheat system. This website is very good for lesser experienced players that want to try something more serious than Counter-Strike matchmaking. Check out esportal here.



Sostronk is a very big matchmaking website from India and west Asia with a lot of players playing. It has its own anti-cheat to make sure that there aren’t any cheaters. Check out Sostronk here.



5ewin is a pugging website made for Chinese players. Click here to check it out.



Gamersclub is a pugging website aimed at Portuguese players from South America. Click here to check it out.


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