Knowing the callouts of the map you are about to play is a very vital part of playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because it helps communicate better to your teammates about the opponents. The better you are at communicating with your teammates, the better they will be able to help you, so learning the callouts of a map is a very good idea before trying out a new map.  The callouts that can be seen here are the most common ones used, while that has been said it isn’t uncommon for most areas to have multiple names for them.



Mirage is arguably the most popular map in the game. A joy to play and a joy to watch professional players play on. 

mirage callouts


Dust 2

The most legendary map in any computer game. Pretty much every single gamer knows this map.

dust 2 map callouts



My favorite map to play on. A map where that is very easy to shine on if you know what you are doing. 

inferno map callouts



A very unique map where the bomb sites are stacked on top of each other. It can be a very CT sided map, so it is a good idea to get familiar with the map before trying it out.

nuke callouts



A dystopian look at how Chernobyl looks. It has many interesting possibilities for both teams.

cache map callouts



Overpass has many different tactical possibilities for the players, with countless boosts. Which makes the game so much more fun.

overpass map callouts



Another legendary 1.6 maps where players can climb on top of the trains – if they dare.

train map callouts



Vertigo – Either you hate it – or love it. An older map remade into a map that is now starting to get popular in competitive play. 

vertigo map callouts

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