This patch note is mostly smaller fixes to the different maps. It does have one interesting new rumor, which is 3 new kill feed icons, one for getting a kill through smoke, one for getting a kill while flashed, and an icon for getting a no scope icon.

Check out the official blog post here.



  • Changed default CT faction to FBI.


  • The latest version of radar.


  • Improved visibility map-wide.
  • Brightened hiding spot near sandbags.
  • Brightened A Main.
  • Brightened B Main.
  • Brightened target placed in corner under B Heaven.
  • Reduced visual noise.
  • Reduced foliage clutter.
  • Speculative fix to ragdolls floating on the A Bombsite.
  • Optimizations.
  • Adjusted HDR settings.


  • Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
  • Fixed clipping on dumpster at A site.

Wingman Nuke:

  • Added 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.
  • Radar now uses new graphical style.


  • Fixed gap under box on B site.
  • Added ramp-clipping to side of box.
  • Fixed some minor graphical bugs.

Rumor has it:

  • A few new killfeed icons have been added for no-scope sniper rifle kills, kills when vision is obscured by a smoke grenade, and kills when blinded by a flashbang (separate from “flash assists”)
  • Other than a script change to facilitate the Chlorine CT faction switch, there are some translations here and there for a few languages. It’s not too terribly much this time, but it’s still made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You – Thank You
  • A pertinent reminder given recent events: always be very wary of and second-guess bold statements of doom and gloom that have no backing, or questionable and/or easily forgeable “proof” crafted to instill fear, uncertainty, and doubt.
    • Examples:
    • There was no emergency alert/PSA post of any sort issued through the wickedplayer494/wp494news system yesterday, including on /r/GlobalOffensive and /r/tf2
    • ESEA and FACEIT both did not budge, because there was never any proof of imminent danger that would warrant total shutdowns of either platforms
  • Size is close to 150 MB
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