Riot Games just released a new blog post for Valorant where they gave a lot more details on the ranked game mode coming for Valorant. They confirmed when it is coming and how the upcoming Valorant ranked system is going to work.


Valorant Ranking System Confirmed Release Date (29/04)

Valorant has just announced that the competitive ranking system will be released tomorrow (29/04). The update will roll out along the morning on the EU and NA servers. You can read the full patch notes here.


Valorant Ranking System Confirmed

Valorant’s ranked mode will be available after patch 0.49, starting with EU and NA. Patch 0.49 is expected to go live within the next week, so around the 1st of May. You should already now make sure that you have 20 unrated matches played so that you can play ranked when it is released.


The 8 Confirmed Valorant Ranks

Valorant will feature 8 different ranks ranging from Iron 1 to the highest rank Valorant. To reach Valorant you will have to grind through the different ranks to prove that you are among the best players. The 7 first ranks will have 3 different tiers within them, 1 – 3. The highest rank “Valorant” will not have any tiers since it is most likely set up like Challenger in League of Legends and Top 500 in Overwatch.

  • Iron 1 – 3
  • Bronze 1 – 3
  • Silver 1 – 3
  • Gold 1 – 3
  • Platinium 1 – 3
  • Diamond 1 – 3
  • Immortal 1 – 3
  • Valorant


Valorant Ranked Ruleset

The upcoming Valorant ranked game mode will feature the same in-game rules and format as the Unrated game mode, but with a focus on higher-stakes competition. Valorant’s competitive system is still in the very early stages, so expect changes before the official release of Valorant. You can queue with up to 5 teammates in Valorant competitive. All players must be within 2 ranks of each other.¬†Your Valorant rank will be hidden if you haven’t played any competitive games within 14 days, luckily your rank will not decay.

Valorant’s ranked system will take your skill into account, so good players will rank up faster, while at the same time combatting lesser experienced players from getting boosted by their friends. This will make it a lot harder to smurf because good players will rank up fast. If you are good enough to reach the Valorant rank, then Valorant will not take your performance into account. This is done to make players focus more on winning, instead of playing for kills. If you happen to be performing well below expectations in your losing game you will reduce your rank at a faster pace, than normally.


How to Get Rank in Valorant

Before being able to play ranked you will have to play 20 unrated matches to unlock the competitive game mode. After you have unlocked the ranked game mode you will have to play a few games to see where you rank. Your performance will have a greater impact in the beginning, so that good players more easily can get to their true rank.


Will Beta Rank Carry Over to Launch?

The rank you get in the closed beta will, sadly, not carry over when Valorant is officially released. I have kinda mixed feelings about this, it will help the players that haven’t gotten a key when Valorant officially launches since the ranks will most likely be completely reset. For the players that are going to grind to the highest ranks, they will have to play a lot of games to regain their rank from beta.



Valorant is quickly becoming one of my favorite games to play, so I am personally very excited to start playing ranked Valorant so that I can find out where I rank among the Valorant player base. I expect the game to become extremely competitive, because of the way the game can “steal” a lot of the player base from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch and Apex Legends. Players that are already good at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch will be able to climb the ladder quickly.

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