Whether you are trying to reach the Global Elite or just trying to rank up faster in CS:GO, these 10 tips will greatly increase your chances of ranking up. CS:GO is one of the most popular games for a good reason, it offers a very good ranking system where players can test out their skills and see where they rank.


Fix Your Weaknesses

Improving your weaknesses is the fastest way to rank up in CS:GO. The easiest way to do that is by practicing a lot. Try to put just as much time into practicing the different skills in CS:GO that you do playing matchmaking. A lot of players end up wasting a lot of time by just endlessly spamming matchmaking games trying to rank up to Global Elite, instead of trying to improve by working on their aim, recoil and crosshair placement. By always working on your weaknesses you make sure that you are always on the top of your game. Always be better than you were yesterday!

If you want to know how to improve your aim and recoil, then you should check out our guide on the best ways to practice here.  In the guide, I go over the different workshop maps that I use when practicing.


Learn Smokes for every CS:GO map

Knowing a couple of smokes for each map is a great way to win more rounds since it will help you and your teammates more easily get control of key areas in CS:GO. You should try to learn the most important smokes for the maps you play. My favorite way to learn new smokes is by going into a private server with a couple of friends and then try to smoke off different areas of the map. If you don’t want to find utility lineups by yourself, then you can also watch videos on YouTube about it. There is A LOT of videos on YouTube about it.

If you don’t already have a jump throw bind, then you should make one. You can learn how-to here.


Work on Your Fundamentals

Making sure that you have your fundamentals under control is a good way to make sure that you are ready to rank up in CS:GO, so you should work on improving the general mechanics of CS:GO whenever possible. The key areas to work on for most CS:GO players are their positioning, map rotations, and your team play. Knowing when you should be spraying, bursting, or tapping is also a very vital area to work on since it allows you to more easily land to glorious headshots. Making sure that you know how to jiggle peek, counter strafe, and move around efficiently will also help you tremendously. If you aren’t aware of the different ways of peeking, then I wrote a guide on them here.


Focus on Teamplay

Teamplay is everything in Counter-Strike without it your team will very easily crumble. Making sure that your teammates and you are as coordinated as possible by communicating, trade fragging, and helping each other out whenever possible will help you win a lot more games since it makes it a lot easier to play. When playing you should pay attention to the economy of your teammates making sure that you buy together, so you don’t end up having 2 players with AWPs and 3 with only pistols. You should try to always be aware of where your teammates are on the map so that you don’t end up being comprised because your teammates died.


Avoid Toxicity

The fastest way to throw away a win is by starting to get angry or “tilt” as it is called in CS:GO. By tilting you lower your performance because you start to focus more on what is annoying you, instead of winning the game. Nobody likes to play with a toxic player, so if you are going to be critical of a teammate’s playstyle, then try to do it constructively without a harsh tone. When players start getting toxic to each other it creates a bad team environment that doesn’t benefit anyone but the opponents. Working on improving your mindset is a very good idea in general since it allows you to be more focused when playing. I wrote a post about the mindset of good Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players which you can find here.


Warm-Up Before You Play

By always warming up for 10-20 minutes before you play, you make sure that you are always ready to perform so you can rank up faster in CS:GO. If you don’t warm up you risk not being in the zone. I saw a very big performance increase after I made it a habit to always warm-up before playing. Don’t know how to warm up? Check out our guide here.


Play with Friends

One of the most annoying ways to lose a game is because of one of your teammates playing badly or trolling. To combat that you should try to play with as many like-minded friends as possible, to decrease the risk of getting a bad teammate. If you don’t have any friends at the same skill level as you, then you should start adding the teammates you get in your matchmaking games, that you liked playing with. After a while, you will always have someone to play with.


Optimize Your Settings

The easiest way to increase your chances of ranking up is by making sure that your settings are optimal. Playing with “bad” settings can very easily make your games harder, and therefore less chance of ranking up since they can have a big negative effect on your fps (frames per second).  By making that your game is running smoothly, you will most likely win more duels. You can find our guide on how to optimize your settings for reaching ranking up faster in CS:GO here

CS:GO has a very wide range of binds available that can make you more efficient at playing, so while you are at it then you should check out our guide to the best binds for Counter-Strike here.


Watch Your Replays

A good way to figure out where you are lacking is by watching replays. This is done by going into your match history in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and clicking download. By watching your replays you can spot where you are making mistakes in your matchmaking games and how you could have handled the scenario better. 

If you are playing with or against a player that is playing well, you should check out the demo after seeing what they are doing to play well. 


Watch Professional Players Play

A great way to improve is to watch pro players play. By watching professional players play, you can see how they react in different situations. Professional players do a lot of things that a lot of normal players are not doing, so by watching them play, you can become a lot more efficient in your gameplay. That is done by either watching professional Counter-Strike players stream their Faceit / ESEA / Matchmaking PUGs or by watching professional Counter-Strike players play against each other in tournaments. A good place to watch professional games is on twitch.tv. You can see upcoming professional CS:GO games on hltv.org.


What to Do When You Reach Global Elite in CS:GO

Once most players reach the Global Elite in CS:GO they start playing on third-party pugging sites like ESEA and Faceit. The reason most players switch over is that they already are at the highest rank in CS:GO and want a new challenge. Both ESEA and Faceit have their ranking system where a lot more experienced players play, so if you are interested in becoming a professional CS:GO, player, then you should check them out when you are ready.

I prefer to play on ESEA because the players are a lot better and their ranking system is designed to reward good players by making them rank up faster. ESEA also has a league system where teams can battle out to see how good you are. ESEA’s league system is the fastest way for good teams to go pro since it leads directly into ESL Pro League.

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