Valve just released a new update for CS:GO where they add an all new Warhammer 40K themed sticker capsule and some smaller updates like the killfeed now displaying players that are killed by the bomb exploding. This patch is rather boring but hopefully Valve has a big patch coming up *source 2*.

Check out the official post here.


  • The killfeed now displays players that are killed by C4 explosions in all game modes.
  • Players that are frozen by game logic no longer take damage.
  • Players are less likely to become stuck on mid-air grenades, and are now able to stand up when crouched on top of another player’s decoy grenade.
  • Grenades are less likely to phase through doors when thrown into nearby players, and have improved collision when bouncing near the ground around player’s feet.


  • Adjusted sticker shader to reduce mip artifacts on holographic stickers at an angle.
  • Optimized shadow culling frustum to prevent flickering shadows caused by renderable overflow at ultra-wide aspect ratios such as 21:9.
  • Optimized texture generation by giving composite textures destined for models that are already rendering higher priority in the generation queue.
  • Added a trailing cache of composite inputs, designed to optimize composite generation for sequences of similar jobs.
  • More asynchronous texture requests are allowed per cycle, allowing composites to generate faster on some systems.
  • Added an experimental graphics setting; ‘Texture Streaming’ in video options. Texture streaming allows the game to defer loading of high-resolution textures until they are needed for rendering, potentially saving a significant amount of video memory. On systems with slower disk access, streaming textures may be momentarily visible.


  • Added a new Anubis main menu background movie to the game.
  • Added a way for users to change their main menu background scenery.
  • Split stickers and patches localization UI tokens to allow for better translations.
  • Added proper HTML-escaping for custom inventory item names when applying and scraping stickers.


  • Added Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule featuring a variety of stickers from the Warhammer 40,000 series.


  • Updated Steamworks SDK and Steam libraries to the latest versions released in May 2020.
  • If the game fails to connect with local Steam Client, then users must update their version of Steam Client by selecting Steam > Check for Steam Client Updates…

Rumor has it:

  • Texture streaming is a method of dynamically adjusting texture quality as VRAM conditions allow, and may be particularly beneficial to performance on older systems with low amounts of VRAM, or where VRAM is pooled with regular system RAM (such as on AMD APUs)
    • Those with newer hardware, and thus more likely to have a larger VRAM pool of 4 GB or higher, will likely see very little benefit
  • Contents of the Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule are viewable at CS:GO Stash
  • Don’t forget to drink your translations – part of an essential breakfast, made possible in part by contributions from Translators Like You – Thank You
  • Size is ~50 MB
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