In this guide, I will be going over the 5 best Counter-Strike maps that you can use to train your aim, recoil, and utility usage in CS:GO.


CS:GO Workshop Map for Warming Up


The first map I will be showcasing is the map Fast Aim / Reflex Training. Warming up is very important if you want to improve because it gets you ready to perform in your matches. You spawn in the middle of the map with bots running towards you, the goal is to survive as long as possible. I like to use it as my warmup map to get my aim and movement going. Download the map here.


Counter-Strike Workshop Map fast aim reflex


CS:GO Workshop Map for Aim


The best map for training your aim is in my opinion aim_botz. It has long been one of the most popular aim training maps for a reason. It offers a wide range of different settings so you can customize the map to your preference. Download the map here.


Counter-Strike Workshop Map aim_botz


CS:GO Workshop Map for Recoil


Training recoil is one of the most beneficial things for a new player because it will greatly help you control the weapon you are using. The map that I have found to be most useful is the Recoil Master. Download the map here.


Counter-Strike Workshop Map recoil master


CS:GO Workshop Map for Flicking


Being good at flicking is a good skill to have because it will make you a lot better in situations where you have to tap with your gun. The map training_aim_csgo2 makes training your flicking into a fun game. Download the map here


Counter-Strike Workshop Map training_aim_csgo2


CS:GO Workshop Map for Map knowledge (Utility / Aim Placement)


The Counter-Strike player Yesper has made a gigantic mod pack to each Counter-Strike map, where you can learn utility for each map and at the same time train your aim placement. This map pack is one of the most vital ones for improving beyond Global Elite because it offers such a deep. He also made his over version of aim_botz and recoil master which some people prefer. Download the map pack here.


yesper's logo
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