If you like me loves to use Reddit, then you need to know the best CS:GO related subreddits to follow. If you don’t know what Reddit is, then you can kinda compare it to a big forum where you can find content about pretty much everything in the world from politics to video games. A “subreddit” is what Reddit calls each forum category. 


The Biggest CS:GO Subreddit

/r/GlobalOffensive is the biggest subreddit revolving around CS:GO. In there you will find everything from clips of amazing plays to the latest CS:GO esports drama. It is a must-subscribe if you are interested in CS:GO content. Since this is the biggest subreddit, the CS:GO developers often respond to comments posted. 


The CS:GO Memes Subreddit

If you are interested in memes and other goofery then /r/csgo is for you. It is the lighthearted version of /r/GlobalOffensive where pretty much everything is allowed to be posted. 


The CS:GO Subreddit for Improving

Reddit has a pretty big community whose main purpose is to get better at Counter-Strike together. In there you will find countless guides and discussions on how YOU can improve in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and finally get that shiny Global Elite rank! You can find the subreddit at /r/LearnCSGO


The CS:GO Subreddit for Finding Teammates

If you are interested in finding a team to play for or just trying to recruit someone for your team, then /r/RecruitCS is the place for you. In there you will find players looking for teammates from pretty much every skill level from silver 1 to Global Elite / Faceit 10 / ESEA A+. 

It is also possible to just find new friends to play with if that is what you are looking for. 


The CS:GO Subreddit for Betting

Reddit has a pretty big subreddit where people discuss match betting in CS:GO. So if that interests you, then you should check it out at /r/csgobetting.

If you are looking for a website to play roulette and crash for CS:GO skins, then I can recommend CSGORoll. Use the code “CSGO-STRATS” to get 3 free cases where you have the chance of unboxing an AWP Asiimov!


The CS:GO Subreddit for Trading

Most subreddits don’t allow trading related posts, so a few Redditors decided to start a new subreddit at /r/GlobalOffensiveTrade in there you will find almost 200-thousand Redditors that are looking to trade their skins into something new.  


CS:GO Workshop Subreddits

Reddit has two different subreddits for CS:GO Workshop content. /r/csworkshop is for discussing how you can make new CS:GO skins, while  /r/csmapmakers is made for people that like to make new CS:GO maps. If creating new workshop content interests you, then you might like them!

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